How to design website or brand logo without any knowledge of designing tools ?

I am about to launch a website for my business which i have started recently. i am searching for a software or tool which can create a excellent logo for my business as well as for my website. However when i am searching on google about the logo creater , a lot of online tools are available but the main issue with these online logo makers is that they are not free and also the quality is not so good. i am not aware about designing tools so i need the ready made logo maker where i can just drag and drop the required text ,icon,colors,styles etc and get logo to download. 


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img Pankaj K. L.     Delhi     23 Dec 2018    5 visitor(s) found most helpful answer

Yes, if you search on internet about logo designing or logo creating tools then a lot of websites comes on search result and almost all offer it for free but the reality is that they are not free at all.These websites let you create your logo and after spending so much time on designing logo these websites aks you to provide your credit card details to pay their membership or logo price. This cheating is happening openly and no policy or guidelines is there to stop these false promises.

as far as free and good website logo creating tool or website concern , you can visit  This website provides all the features needed to design or create a logo and everything is free.

After creating the logo when you go to download the logo then that time you need to just provide your email to confirm that you are a genuine user. website will send you a confirmation link on your email and when you click the confirmation link, download button is available to you.You can create ,modify and download the logo unlimited times.


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