Can you suggest how to select the TV channels for best pricing?

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img Pankaj Lakhchaura     Delhi , India     31 Jan 2019    1 visitor(s) found most helpful answer

Yes, There is a confusion over selection of channels. In the advertisement, most of the TV channels are promoting their bundle of channels as a best priced and most beneficial in terms of money. Advertisements are showing the same things in different ways. For examples, one TV brand is saying that you can get their 10 channels for only 30 rupees per month and other brand is saying that you can get their bundle of channels for one rupees per day.

Therefore, the main question to be answered is-
Should we select the bundle of channels, which called broadcasters bouquet, or individual channels? Which option is best to save the money?
The channels, bundled in a package or bouquet by the broadcasters or TV brand is not for the customer benefit, it is only for their benefit. They have bundled the packages in a way where customer will get the unwanted channels and will pay for them. If you see any broadcaster bouquet then you will find that in their bundle, which has more than 8 or 10 channels, your need, is only for 2 or 3 channels and rest of the channels you never watch. If the total price of the bouquet is 30 Rupees per month then your need of channels individual cost is only 15 rupees. There may be the cases when you compare the bouquet price with the total price of individual channel and you find the bouquet price cheaper. 

Do not compare the bouquet price with the total price of individual channels within a bouquet 
Most of the people do a big mistake of comparing the broadcaster’s bouquet or channel bundle with the individual channel price. Believe me, this is not your thinking but this thinking has been developed by the TV brands and DTH companies and imposed on the customers.
Select the channels which you are going to watch. If any channel is free then you must select it otherwise in paid channels select only which you usually watch.

So select channels from ala-carte and do not select any broadcaster bouquet or bundle.
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img Guest User         30 Jan 2019   

i think the correct question should have been asked like this should i select the broadcaster bouquet or individual channel from the ala-carte? because how to select the TV channel is not a question anymore as all the companies in India has displayed all the channels list with the other bundled packages like Broadcatre bouquet .
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