How to create your profile and resume for linkedin

i have registered in and written about my current and previous work experience but i think that is not enough to attract the employers.Can you tell me how to create profile and write about work experience in so that a large number of emplyers contact me and offer job with desired profile.

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img Guest User         21 Jul 2019    1 visitor(s) found most helpful answer

Now linkedin is no more professional network.its like a job searching comercial website. Peoples are posting stuff like facebook to promote their product or services and LinkedIn itself asking to buy premium membership to have the more benefits.

People's are using this website to impress ( best word is fool) others. Although they know very well that posting the resume or making an impressive profile on LinkedIn will not get a job to them but they make a impressive profile here and resume here so that when they apply for job in any company then that company will look for the details on LinkedIn and by this way they can put indirect impression on that company recruiters.

So LinkedIn is not seems so fair for those who  joins LinkedIn for honest network of professionals but more beneficial for those who are clever enough and strategically making their profiles and posting stuff to reach the targeted audience.

As far as concern about making an impressive profile then it's a very easy task there. Try to spend some time to this website and you will know all you required. 

Let me know if you agree or disagree with me.
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