Which one is the worlds most best whisky which gives no hangover after having a lot ?

i have tried a lot of whisky but found that they are having a side effect. When i wake up in the mroning then a severe headache is available waiting for me. Which whisky is best to drink which has very minimal hangover chances.

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There is nothing in this world which has no side effect after having excessive use. If we eat our favourite food exceesively that too will cause problems so this rule applies to everything. Drinking excessive alcohol has side effects too and there is no whisky in this world which does not give hangover after having more than the capacity of an individual.

Human body can consume or digest the alcohol approximately 30 ml in an hour.if you are drinking whisky 30 ml per hour then your body can digest it easily and chances are very less of hangover. So to avoid the hangover after consuming alcohol there is only one way and that is to consume within the limit of our body.

My recommandation is that , do not drink whisky for intoxication but to enjoy the time.Do not take more than 180 ml of whisky in a day and this 180 ml of whisky should not take less than 4 hours. And of course you must be eating food in between and after drinking have food and water in good quntity.
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