Do i need to install stabilizer for my Air conditioner when it is mentioned Stablizer Free Operation in its feature list ?

i have LG  Split Air Conditioner 1.5T model no. JS-Q18PUXA and in its feature list Stablizer Free Operation is mentioned. do i still need to install stabilzer to avoid the electice flactuation ?

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Now a day’s inverter AC are coming which has in-built capability to manage the voltage but they can manage the voltage if the up and down is under a manageable range. in most of the cases, in-built voltage stabilising capability works but still there are chances when voltage fluctuate outside this range. This type of voltage fluctuation is rear but in country like India you may face the incident so better be safe and install the stabiliser.

The stabilizer is not so expensive so in my opinion why to take risk, install stabiliser.

it does not matter what is the brand of your Air conditioner and what are the features of your air conditioner, if you are living in India then install stabiliser to avoid any damage which costs many times than a stabiliser cost.
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