Hello sir what will happen after my jio 399 recharge is over i actually mean how many days will my incoming be active even if i do not recharge

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img Pankaj Lakhchaura     Delhi , India     15 Jul 2019    3 visitor(s) found most helpful answer

According to TRAI guidelines , a SIM can be active till 90 days without any validity recharge or toup up recharge. So if your validity time is over which is 84 days in case if you recharge with RS. 399 then you will receive the calls and SMS but can not make any call. Since till 90 days your SIM can not be deactivated so till 90 days you will receive incoming calls and SMS but your outgoing will be closed.

Now , since JIO provides the call over internet so do not expect that internet will be working. You can not use internet when your validity expires.

So , if you do not recharge , you will be able to get incoming calls and SMS only.
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