Which is the best astrology website available in india?

Can you suggest an astrology website which predictions are near to reality.i have visited a lot of astrology sites 
but not found any website good enough.

i am looking for both free and paid websites.

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img Dev Narang     Delhi , India     09 Oct 2018    8 visitor(s) found most helpful answer

Excellent astrology online found first time. oh my god.. This is so accurate. its free and tells almost everything which anyone can wish to know.i think they have great astrologer who guided them to make this website.They also offer a detailed astrology prediction and analysis with a fee of Rs. 1100 only.

Other than Free Online Astrology And Horoscope Consultation they offer the below services
  • Online Astrology - Calculations, Predictions,Remedies etc.
  • Online Match-Making - Match-Making for Male & Female
  • Zodiac Predictions - Daily, Weekly & Monthly
  • Daily Panchang - Tithi,Nakshatra,Day,Sunrise,Sunset etc.
  • Generate Free Planetary Vedic Gems Report

if anyone need professional astrolger services who are best in the market then can take their services without any hesitation.However for majority of peoples who are not so serious can take the adavantage of free services which are enough to basic and common Curiosity.

here is the worlds best astrology online https://astrology.bellojewelsonline.com/ 
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img Guest User         03 Oct 2018    1 visitor(s) found most helpful answer

i have experienced a lot of websites who claims to be the best in the world but found no one so worthy untill visited  https://astrology.bellojewelsonline.com/

This is the best website and tells you everything you keen to know. However i have found some maintenance issue sometimes but it is best when we test on the future prediction parameter.This astrology website provides free horoscope and astrology related information.
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img Guest User         22 Jul 2019    2 visitor(s) found most helpful answer

I would recommend AstroTalk, having the best user ratings and expert astrologers providing you with most personalised solutions. 

Link- https://astrotalk.com/
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img Vijay         13 Aug 2019   

Just forget everything and give it a try to AstroLaabh. It is one of the best website with all the latest features, allows you to consult astrologers online and much more.
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