Do you wonder how a business keep growing even after a bad reputation?

By Pankaj K. L.
Last modified 08 Dec 2018

Sometimes we wonder that how a business keep growing when it does not offer a quality service and more than that cheated its customers. We all have noticed that some hotel/resorts or tourist places is growing well despite of a very bad service history and unhappy visitors. For example, we know that a hotel or resorts cheat its customers and its food and service quality is too low compared to the prices and we recommend our friends and familiars to not to go there but still that hotel or resort is crowded.

We share on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp about this hotel or resort but still lot of peoples keep visiting this place why? The answer is simple, they visit that place because they are not aware about the cheating or bad quality.

How business keep growing even after a very bad reputation in market

Now a simple question, How to aware maximum peoples? 

Actually, on Facebook and WhatsApp, we can share only to your friends and familiars but what about others?
When peoples plan to visit to a new place, they search the feedback on internet where they do not find our feedback posted on social media.

We can aware maximum peoples only when we write our feedback to an open place where everybody can get this information easily. is founded for this purpose only. If we know or experienced something bad in our society, any tourist place, public hotel, or resorts etc. and want to make others aware then write the full story so that peoples all over the world can know and avoid the situation, which they can face.

if found something interesting and joyful then also write all the good things so that peoples can know about it and take advantages. is absolutely free website for all to read, write and promote and no restrictions of any type and allows you to upload your pictures and video with your story.

Write your story and feel the difference.

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I love visiting new places,have interest in sports, movies and history.i love writing blogs and interesting ideas.i write blog of whatever I experience or visit any place.i believe that lot of people's get benefit when we share the experience.

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very true, bad people in our society are successful because of our lack of spreading awareness. We just tell the incident to few peoples who are our friends but what about others ? When we write the same incident on open platform like this website then all can access this information which can help to stop these bad social elements. This is true for all the cases not limited for business only.
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