An unique website which is different than the blog writting and question and answer finding

tip + Delight = tipDelight tipDelight is made of two words, tip and delight which express the imagination to found this website.tip is the other name of hint or clue or help and delight is the other name of happyness.When anyone gets a tip or hint about anything then he or she can plan or think accordingly to have happy moments.

How tipDelight founded One of our member was enjoying his summer vacation in a small hill area which was not a tourist place so less known to the outer world. This place was suggested to him by his colleague who belonged to this place.He found a lot of places there which were very beautiful and attractive but not known to many so untouched. He had some bad experiences as well there when he found that a group of peoples were cheating to visitors for their own benefit.They were indulge with Hotels and working as an agent for the hotels and bringing the guests for them with false promises and information.Our member was the victim of this cheating and paid almost more than double after a unpleasent mess up with hotel.He wishes to warn the people about these hotels and their cheating method but did not find any place. He wrote the feedback of the hotel on their websites and other websites who gets booking for them but his feedback was removed.
We strongly felt the need of a place where people can share their experiences and others can be benefited.We all have gone through a lot type of good and bad experiences but very few peoples are aware and benefited because we have not shared the experience with all.

We are promised to keep this website a clean place so that everyone can found it useful and take adavantage.